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If there is one word that signals to anyone the idea of freedom, travel, and great memories, it’s the word ‘summer.’ The mere utterance of that word spirals teenagers and elderly alike into a vacation-planning frenzy as they begin to dream of beach bonfires, cross-country travels, and weekends filled with crazy relatives we can’t help but love. Summer is the time of year where water reigns supreme, minds run free, and souls become ignited with passionate declarations of summer loves. For some, it means good memories. For others, it means good books.

Below are the three hottest books of the summer, guaranteed to prompt the same ideals the word ‘summer’ bestows upon our minds before these books drag you, head first, into the abyss of their narrative tales.

Full Wolf Moon (by Lincoln Child)

If you are a fan of the supernatural, this book is for you. Jeremy Logan, a renowned investigator of the fantastical, takes a nose dive in a case where the killer just cannot exist. For a man who believes that rumors are grounded in reality, no matter how outlandish the story might seem, even he finds himself puzzled by the bodies left behind. Jeremy Logan is a man who keeps his mind open to the possibility of the impossible, understanding it could mean the difference between life and death. What he does not expect, however, is to be dropped into the middle of something even he cannot believe himself.

Raw action, luscious science, and provocative locations all intersect within the walls of this heart-pounding book while Jeremy Logan races to discover why the grisly attack of a hiker took place, and what that means for the other individuals who have booked their winter retreats in the Adirondacks.

Kintu (by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi)

If African novels do not suit you, then get ready for that to change: Kintu is a sprawling epic first published in Kenya that talks of Uganda’s history through the eyes of a cursed bloodline. The novel begins in the year 1750, when the main character, Kintu Kidda, sets forth towards the Ugandan capital to pledge his clan’s allegiance to the Buganda Kingdom. However, during his travels, a curse is unleashed upon his tribe that threatens to plague his family for many generations to come. With the tribe divided into six sections, we get a glimpse into the incredible tale of how this group attempts to break the bonds of this curse – by weaving together their ancestral stories in an effort to free themselves from the burden of their shared past as well as cope with what their future will bring if they do not.

This book has been likened to the novels of Annie Proulx’s Barkskins and Marlon James’s A Brief History of Seven Killings, and will leave your emotions begging for more  as this tale of emotional familial descendants paints a picture of a clan desperately attempting to reconcile their past while finding ways to cope with the modern world as they see it evolving.

Beach House For Rent (by Mary Alice Monroe)

From the New York Times, Bestselling author comes a romantic and alluring tale of dreams, friendship, and tragedy. When the rental of a beach house spirals into a journey of self-realism, two women who were once strangers to one another are swept away on an adventure that encompasses adventure, deep-seated secrets, and tales of a lady who was once vibrant and happy. This romantic and exotic book is not merely about a woman falling in love, it is a coming-of-age story for those who believe they have already come-of-age.

The beach house, once a symbol of monetary gain, transforms into an emotional crutch during a devastating time that brings two women together through the bond of loneliness, whisking their lives from its stormy shores and sitting it upon sunlit sanctuaries. These two women pushed along by chance and tragedy, discover their inner strength, passions, and inner child to become what they believed they had lost.

If there is one word that signals to anyone the idea of freedom, travel, and great memories, it’s the word ‘summer.’ But, the great thing about summer is that the experience is different for everyone. These three trending books that should fill your summer beach bag are completely different, yet strung together by one underlying thread: passion.

If passion is what you wish to fill your summer with, these trending summer titles are just what you have been looking for.